Spot Weld Drill Bit


M-42 Super Cobalt 

We are proud to offer M-42 Super Cobalt spot weld bits which contain 8% cobalt, allowing the bit to cut faster and last longer. The average cobalt bit contains 3-7% cobalt.


M-42 Super Cobalt is superior in many categories when compared to other spot weld drill bits.

Point Types

We offer (2) different point types on our M-42 Super Cobalt spot weld bits. These point types are otherwise known as Type 186 and Type 187. Which one you choose all comes down to preference.


Type 186 point is designed to cut through the spot weld on the first panel while leaving the second panel free of holes.


Type 187 point is chip resistant with slightly greater penetration into the second panel.

Bit Applications

We offer spot weld bits that are designed for all applications within the autobody industry. Using the right bit for the right occasion makes a difference. 


M-42 bits are designed to cut through mild and High Strength - low Alloy steel. 


M-42 TiN coated spot weld bits are designed to cut through High Strength - High Alloy steel. 


Carbide AlTiN coated bits are and designed to cut through AHSS / Boron steel.

Drill Bit Coatings

Our Specialty spot weld bits have coatings applied to protect the bit during use and increase the longevity of the tool. 


Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating doubles the tool life and gives added lubricity, which protects the cutting edges of the drill bit.


Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AITiN) coated bits typically last 3-10 times longer than uncoated bits. It provides superior heat and wear resistance when compared to TiCN coating.  The coating provides a layer of aluminum oxide ceramic to provide lubricity while drilling.

Round vs. Flat Shanks

We offer standard spot weld bits (round shank) and bits for pneumatic spot weld removal tools (flat shank) such as Spitznagel, Vario, or Spotle.


Pneumatic tool bits typically require a flat surface machined onto the shank of the drill bit.  The flat varies in length depending on the tool it is being used in. These flat bits can also be used in a spot weld bit extender.