Spot Weld Bit Sharpening



Are you tired of those useless dull / broken spot weld drill bits rolling around your toolbox drawer? give us a call today to try out our state of the art sharpening service. We can restore your bits back to factory sharpness with a Type 186 point style. 


We now offer mobile ON-SITE sharpening to the greater Orlando area!!! With a quick call or text we can arrange a time to show up at your location and get those bits sharpened. 


Minimum (5) bits required.


Not in the Orlando area?


Contact us today to send in your bits. We will sharpen and send them back with FREE return shipping. Once your bits are received, your bits will then be sharpened and shipped back to you within 1 business day. You will receive an email with more detailed instructions (including where to send your bits) once your order is placed either online or by phone.

Other Drill Bit Sharpening

We also offer sharpening for several other styles of drill bits. Our machines have the capacity to sharpen bits between 2 - 19mm and angles of 118° - 180°. We can restore the following bits to their factory sharpness:


- General twist drill bits


- Center drill bits


- 90° NC spotting drill bits

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